Why have we set up Flourish?

We set up Flourish with the aim of stimulating, inspiring and encouraging women and girls to be the very best they can.  This will mean different things to all of us.   We are passionate about working with girls and women from all backgrounds, religions, and race.  Reaching out and encouraging those who have found themselves in unfavourable circumstances is important to us.  We know that we don’t all have the same opportunities, or a network that can offer us the support we need, so please get in touch.  We want you to be curious and take the steps that will help you grow!

At Flourish our focus is on supporting and educating girls and women to develop personally, in society, in the workplace, and in our everyday relationships.  We provide a range of experiential learning opportunities that encourage personal and professional development and well-being in a way that works for you.  Our community is a place to discuss and develop how we can bring about positive change by breaking down the barriers we have inherited, learnt or developed.

Why is it for women and girls ?

In western society great strides have been made in the last few decades to encourage equality and diversity. However, there’s still a long way to go before gender biases no longer limit the roles of men and women in work and in society.  Of course, there are exceptions and examples we can all point to.  But, when you look at the statistics, we have only taken baby steps towards making the most of what women and men can do when we drop conscious and unconscious biases.

Bias works both ways

We recognise that gender bias works both ways.  Men also need to feel able to take on roles traditionally seen as female without seeming ‘alternative’ or less male for it.   We have to start somewhere, and we wanted to start with women; helping them to Flourish.  By encouraging dialogue, awareness and understanding, we want to create shifts in individuals.  The more individuals we connect with, the more our collective impact grows!

This is an exciting time!  Our work will be done when across all generations it becomes obvious that there is no such thing as male roles and female roles.  Or, that some roles in life are better, more viable or valuable than others.