Our vision is to see females at every stage in their lives fulfil their potential and realise their dreams.

We want women and girls from all backgrounds and walks of life to recognise their potential to do and be whatever they want in life. Our vision is that there becomes balance in society where females and males are equal. We are passionate about helping women (and men) see the possibilities and overcome the challenges.  And we are committed to collaborating with women and men to achieve our mission.

Our 5 Key Aims reflect the needs of females to flourish:  


  • Collaborating
    Working together and with partners, we want to reach communities and achieve ambitions that we cannot make happen alone.  Get involved.


  • Educating
    Having access to education is important for our own personal and professional success and well-being.  Improving ourselves throughout our lives (even as late bloomers) is essential in how we feel about ourselves.  Learning boosts our confidence and influences how we impact and interact with others.Women lacking confidence are less likely to climb the ladder, let alone take on leadership positions, nor do they believe they have the power to influence in senior roles whether this be in industry, politics, caring professions, science, arts, the environment … the list goes on!  We are passionate about working with women and girls to change that.But before we can impact others more positively and make the changes we desire, we need to do a little work on ourselves! Understanding what drives us; our motivations and behaviours; and our mindset is  and what action do we need to take to develop.  One other important factor is, how do we work together to create a more supportive environment for women – all women.  More …


  • Mentoring
    Getting women talking to other women who can help guide them is a win : win, that’s why we set up the Flourish Mentoring Programme.  We encourage a virtuous circle of life-long learning, giving and receiving, so our mentees can also become mentors.  More…


  • Networking
    Our confidence grows when we are powerfully connected and supported. As well as providing connection to different networks around the world for women and girls, we also provide opportunities to actively create new networks and communities around common themes through face-to-face events and through technology. Together we can create a global support network enabling women to help each other.  Join our community…


  • Showcasing
    One of the best ways to help women break down barriers and see the possibilities is by hearing inspiring stories.  Showcasing success is an important aspect of the work we do and seeing women recognised for their contribution is vital to achieving our mission.  More…

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