Our event on 12 October, which unwrapped the topic of unconscious gender bias was a complete success, even if we do say so ourselves!   With the support of our passionate guest panel, inspiring speaker, and our fabulous audience, we definitely had a winning formula.


The room was buzzing with excitement and anticipation – but we could be biased!

We were delighted to welcome individuals from a range of private, public and third sector organisations who were eager to share their perspectives.  But before handing over the conversation to the panel and the floor, we firstly whet people’s appetite, through a variety of illustrative videos and stories, by explaining how our unconscious minds work and why we are all biased.

This then led us to exploring the subject matter in greater depth with our brilliant panel members.  Rishi Jain from Manchester United FC,  Natasha Crook from adidas, Lorna Kerr from Co-op Insurance and Jon Lovell from Hillbreak all shared their views, experiences and advice on what steps organisations can take to break down barriers to gender inequality.


We had a fantastic audience too

With representatives from Sky, Xerox, Royal London Group, Warburtons, Centrepoint, Bruntwood, AstraZeneca and many more, we didn’t want to disappoint.  The audience’s warmth, engagement and individual contributions really added to the richness of the conversation.  There was definitely a connection of like-minded individuals in the room who were all keen to take action in the support of creating gender equality.  All very encouraging.


Our final round was a knock-out

Stacey holding the Commonwealth Boxing BeltBring on the Commonwealth Boxing Champion, Stacey Copeland, and get ready for the emotional roller-coaster.  Stacey was an inspiration to us all.

Sharing her story of how, as a youngster, she started training at her grandfather’s gym in Stockport.  Her ambition of following in her father’s footsteps as a boxer were thwarted, due to the lack of opportunities for females in the boxing world at this time.

Not to be dissuaded, Stacey decided to take up her other passion, football, where she played for the England Under 18s and Doncaster Belles.  But with boxing her her blood, in 2011, and with more opportunities emerging,  Stacey made her debut in the ring as an amateur boxer.  Since then she has been a three-time national champion and currently holds the Commonwealth Boxing Title.  Outside of the ring, Stacey is keen to motivate and support others through her Pave the Way Project.

Hearing Stacey’s personal story was truly inspirational, and one which had many of the audience near to tears!

If you’re interested in understanding more about unconscious bias and want to know how we can work with you, please contact us.


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