The Power of Mentoring

Getting women talking to other women who can help guide them is a win : win, that’s why we set up the Flourish Mentoring Programme.

It’s probably true that two heads are better than one and believe that, with the right encouragement and support, we can help you to solve problems and achieve your goals.   

We are continually looking for individuals who either want to have a mentor, or for those who want to give a little something back and be a mentor. 

It’s important that the chemistry between mentor and mentee needs to be right for the mentoring to work effectively, which is why we take care in the matching process, so that it’s right for both parties, whether you are meeting face-to-face or virtually.

We encourage a virtuous circle of life-long learning, giving and receiving, so our mentees can also become mentors.

Interested in becoming a mentor or mentee?

We want to ensure that all of our mentors and mentees experience a great start to our mentoring programme, which is why we ask that before you are accepted onto our programme as a mentor or mentee, you attend one of our FREE workshops or a one-to-one conversation.  The mentor workshop will last around 1.5 hours and is likely to take place in the early evening.

What it takes to become a mentor

Everyone has skills and experience that are valuable to others and we welcome people from all backgrounds.  We are not looking for you to commit to a certain number of hours a week or month, your time is precious, which is why we want you to give what feels right for you.  To start the process we will invite you to a to have a conversation with us either in a workshop, webinar or telephone conversation, where will give you:

  • an insight into the Flourishing mentoring process;
  • skills and experience that you can use in your professional and personal life;
  • a range of tools that you can use with your mentees and others; and
  • A network of mentors who you can call upon for support yourself.

You can take some time after the workshop to consider whether you want to join our mentoring programme and, if you do, that’s great!

Would you like the opportunity to be mentored?

We could all do with a mentor at some time in our life as there are always challenges along the way.  It doesn’t matter at what stage of life we’re at, or how young or old we are.  If you’d like to be considered as a mentee, please let us know.  You’ll be invited to a free workshop so that you understand more about:

  • the Flourish mentoring process;
  • how it works; and
  • the role of a mentor.

You can then decide whether you’d like to take up the opportunity.  We’re sure you’ll find it invaluable.

Caring for those who care

It’s important that we care for those who provide their time to care for others, that’s why we’ll ensure our mentors and volunteers also receive support, whether that is resources to help you in your role, someone to talk to if you have any challenges and a community to help re-charge your emotional, social and psychological bank account. 

If you’d like to be part of our mentoring programme, please let us know.

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