We are passionate about learning and self-improvement

Having access to education is important for our own personal and professional success and well-being.  Improving ourselves throughout our lives (even as late bloomers) is essential in how we feel about ourselves. 


Learning boosts our confidence and influences how we impact and interact with others.  Women lacking confidence are less likely to climb the ladder, let alone take on leadership positions, nor do they believe they have the power to influence in senior roles whether this be in industry, politics, caring professions, science, arts, the environment … the list goes on!   We are passionate about working with women and girls to change that. 


But before we can impact others more positively and make the changes we desire, we need to do a little work on ourselves!  Understanding our mindset, what drives us, our motivations and behaviours is essential for our overall development.  One other important factor is, how we work together to create a more supportive environment for women – all women.


We work with groups and individuals to develop skills, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that will lead them to think differently about the roles in life that are open to them, and help them to take the necessary steps forward.



We deliver a variety of face-to-face workshops and events and aim to expand these through partners across the UK and internationally.   


We want everyone to access learning

We want our workshops to be accessible to everyone.  If you’d really like to attend our courses, but are unable to afford them, we do offer a limited number of reduced price places for those who are available to attend at very short notice.  Please get in touch to find out if you’re eligible.


A Virtual Learning Zone

We have a virtual learning zone available to our Flourish Community Members where you can also access a range of tools to develop your capabilities, skills and knowledge.  


Spring & Summer Programme

Our spring/summer programme of workshops and events can be found below.  We continually update our events, so please do visit us on a regular basis.

We will be announcing the dates of our Flourish Breakfast Events very soon, so please subscribe to our newsletter so that we can keep you informed.