Flourish made a very positive start in February, delivering its first open workshop.  The workshop, which was specifically for women, was developed to help women further develop their communication skills.

Lorna Chudleigh led the workshop, which was held at the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham.  Lorna is a Co-Founder of Flourish; she trained in her early career as a speech therapist and is passionate about helping people to communicate more effectively.  Designed to stimulate, the content of the workshop covered three specific areas:

  • how to be assertive;
  • how to communicate with impact; and
  • how to influence others positively.  
The participants were very lively

During the workshop, a range of tools and examples were used and were very successful in engaging the audience.  Participants soon found their voices entering into lively conversations around the subject matter. Individuals were asked to practise various exercises in groups.

In order to create new connections among the participants, they were encouraged to work with different people when practising new activities.  One of the benefits of this is the feedback participants received from each other in the moment, which they found really valuable.

“It was great to be in a workshop with women, run by women.
I loved the practical tips and the opportunity to practice the exercises.  Thank you.”

Women taking notes in a workshopWe’re keen to create workshops that attract a diverse mix of women

Yasmin Holmes, also a Co-Founder of Flourish said “It’s great to see a mix of participants from different backgrounds and age groups.   This is something that we are very keen to achieve at all of our  workshops and events.”  At Flourish we want everyone to feel comfortable no matter what their background, in addition it’s our opinion that the learning and networking is much richer when there’s greater diversity in the room.

This is just one of the comments we received from a participant at the end of the workshop.

“Very clear delivery, receptive to the input of participants, and very practical outcomes.
Thank you very much for an excellent and engaging experience.”

Flourish is an organisation that celebrates women.  Committed to helping women and girls from all walks of life reach their true potential and realise their dreams.  Flourish has a series of other workshops and events specifically aimed at women and will be releasing more in the future.  Flourish will be delivering The Art of Great Communication: Influencing & Impacting Others in Manchester on 17 April and again in Nottingham in the autumn.

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