Flourish International Women’s Development is pleased to announce that it has recently become a member of the Ingenuity Hub, part of the Ingenuity Centre,  located on the University of Nottingham’s, Jubilee Campus and is enjoying the benefits of its new home.

The Flourish Directors have close ties with the University, with most of the team either working for or having worked for the University in a variety of roles in recent years.  Andrea, O’Mahony, Co-Founder of Flourish, said “It’s great to remain connected with University, as it’s been a large part of my life over the last decade, having studied and worked on Jubilee Campus since 2008.  The space in the Ingenuity Centre is great and will really help us establish our business in an environment that is conducive to learning and brings together business and education.”

University of NottinghamThe Ingenuity Centre offers a variety of space from individual offices, to hot-desking areas, meeting rooms, communal areas, and even a comfy zone, which is great when you need to take some time out to think and reflect.  The space can be used by members of the Ingenuity Hub – normally start-ups and SMEs.

Jackie Andrews, another Co-Founder, said “We’re looking forward to holding our events in the Centre and to hearing what our supporters have to say about the venue and the setting – it’s in a great location just outside of the City, with excellent road and transport links, so we’re confident they’ll love the environment and its easy access”.

The Ingenuity Lab’s vision is “to create a dynamic community of student and alumni entrepreneurs and, in the long run, a stimulating culture of ideas generation and exploration.” 

Find out more about The Ingenuity Lab here

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