Why join this wonderful community?

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We all learn in different ways, so we are designing materials in several ways:

  • face-to-face;
  • online;
  • webinars;
  • one-to-one sessions;
  • workshops; and
  • inspiring events

so that you can choose what works for you.  We’ll be telling you more about this soon and will keep you informed through our community.

We know that being a member of Flourish Community will open up a whole host of learning and collaborative opportunities for you, and as soon as you join you’ll:

  • have access to a range of self-development tools;
  • understand there’s a wonderful network of women just waiting to offer support and guidance;
  • feel inspired to continually develop yourself – the way you think, feel and behave – and your skills and capabilities, to create greater opportunities for yourself and the women and girls you know.

Throughout 2018 we will be taking feedback from you as to what would be valuable to you as a membership offering.  We have to start somewhere, so we’ve given this some thought already, but we really would value your feedback on what you would welcome and, of course, the price you’d be willing to pay.    We want our community to be inclusive, so we will be introducing a limited range of materials available for everyone to access.  Join the community below that works for you:

Flourish FaceBook Community

Corporate membership

We also welcome corporate memberships, so if your company is interested in benefiting from what we have to offer, please contact us.