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Hello and a very warm welcome to Flourish!

Flourish is the product of a collaboration started by four women who want to make a difference.  Recognising that women have so much more potential to contribute, we are committed to help women and girls from all walks of life to flourish.

Our vision is to see women and girls at every stage in their lives fulfil their potential and realise their dreams. 

We want women from all backgrounds and walks of life to recognise their potential to do and be whatever they want in life. We want a balance in society where women and men are equal. We are passionate about helping women (and men) see the possibilities and overcome the challenges.  And we are committed to collaborating with women and men to achieve our mission.

Our 5 Key Aims reflect the needs of women to flourish:  Collaborating, Educating, Mentoring, Networking,  and Showcasing.

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Our story

We're four women who come from different walks of life with our own challenges and different stories to tell. We all have one thing in common - the love of learning - even if that means moving out of our comfort zone! Life can be tough and, together with our extensive network, we want to help you breakdown the barriers that limit your beliefs, develop your self-esteem and confidence, and work with you to reach your true potential. Here's a little more about us ...
Andrea O'Mahony

Andrea O'Mahony

AKA: Champion of the Underdog

From a working class background, Andrea pushed through the social norms to achieve academic success. Her first foray back into the learning environment was in her early 30s when she studied part-time for her Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate. To this she has added an MBA with Distinction and an MA in International Higher Education. She has held senior roles in the HE and private sector, and successfully runs her own business.

With expertise in marketing, client relationship management and business administration, Andrea has also worked with SME business owners helping them to develop their business planning.

Andrea believes in, and is proof that, anything is possible. She has a work ethic that is boundless. She is a champion of the underdog and has worked on raising money for women’s charities and cancer research. She embodies our values of fairness, courage, quality and energy.

Yasmin Holmes

Yasmin Holmes


Yasmin is passionate about helping individuals live their best lives. A mindfulness teacher, business, career and life coach she has worked within HR in large organisations and with SME and public sector organisations helping individuals and teams to develop.

She has a degree in History and Education and qualifications in coaching, Transactional Analysis and psychometric assessment. She is a Breathworks and .b qualified Mindfulness Teacher and runs mindfulness and well-being programmes for groups and individuals. She has worked with people who are interested in starting their own business and with SMEs to help them grow.

Yasmin loves working with people and is fascinated by what makes each of us at our best in life and work. She believes in the power we all have within to make our lives better regardless of circumstances and she embodies our values of supportiveness, harmony, kindness and creativity.

Jackie Andrews

Jackie Andrews

AKA: Master of transition

Jackie who as a single mum worked full time whilst studying understands the pressures of juggling family, work and professional development.

She has a degree in psychology, an MBA, a PG Diploma in Higher Education, a PGCHE and is currently undertaking her Level 7 in Coaching and Mentoring, building up a client list from new starter businesses to those wishing to develop managerially.

She is the Skills and Development Manager at Nottingham University Business School and for the past 14 years has helped thousands of young women and men make the transition from school to University and into employment, whilst encouraging their participation in community projects and social enterprises.

Jackie’s calm, can-do approach inspires others to achieve great things She is uber-modest and highly principled. She embodies our values of authenticity, loyalty, honesty and community.

Lorna Chudleigh

Lorna Chudleigh

AKA: The Eternal Optimist

Lorna combines motherhood and running a successful consultancy business.

A Clinical Language Sciences graduate, Lorna has had successful careers in speech therapy, sales and HR consulting and now runs the Inspired People Network, specialising in talent identification, assessment and development.

Lorna is the embodiment of someone who is outstanding but doesn’t know it. She is naturally optimistic and believes there is always a way through. She volunteers for the St Ann’s Hospice in Manchester and embodies our values of respect, openness, passion and fun.

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